Lidija & Matthew | Wedding Highlights

September 2, 2014

It was the obvious love these two had for each other and the coming together of both their vibrant cultures which made this an event to remember. Usually when we capture the Wedding of a mixed heritage couple, one tends to dominate, even just a little, but there was equal elements from both that made it so interesting – Lidija is of Macedonian heritage and Matthew is of Lebanese/Italian background.

From the morning, the festivity was on when Matthew’s best mate/man came over to Lidija’s house with her shoes (Macedonian tradition), then Matthew’s parents, family & friends came over to pick up the Bride (shared tradition) with more traditional music while Matthew waited patiently at Our Lady Of Lebanon Church in Thornbury.

After we photographed a few locations with the weather holding out for us, the couple entered their reception in true Lebanese style (Zaffe) where the bride & groom enter with Lebanese drumming and dancers with swords, awesome!

Congratulations guys, myself and I’m sure the whole reception had an awesome time, check out a few highlights,

Makeup – Raghda & Christine
Hair – Mira
Brides Dress – Judith Valante
Bridesmaids Dresses – Sassy Boutique
Flower Girl – Princess Boutique
Suit – Zachary
Cake – Divine Cake Design
Cars – Exoticar (Limo)
Flying Spur (Bentley)
Flowers – Scent of Fleur
Macedonian Band – Amadeus
Lebanese DJ – Micky G
Lebanese Zaffe – Elias & Tony
Church – Our Lady of Lebanon | Thornbury
Reception – Lakeside Reception

Kind regards,

Sash & the Desiren Team

01 Melbourne Bride Photo 01 Wedding Photographer 02 Melbourne Bridal Photo 02 Wedding Photographer 03 Maronite Church 03 Wedding Photographer 04 Maronite Church 04 Wedding Photographer 05 Melbourne Wedding Photography 06 Melbourne Wedding Photography 07 Melbourne Wedding Photography 08 Melbourne Wedding Photography 09 Melbourne Wedding Photography 10 Melbourne Wedding Photography 11 Lakeside Reception Photo 12 Lakeside Reception Photo

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