I met Laura & George through Thomasina & Jamie (we photographed their wedding last year – Laura & Thomasina work together). Being a hairdresser, Laura did the bridesmaid’s hair herself! Plus, they were struggling to put the dress on, so her auntie stared using a spoon to button the back!!! I’ve seen people use chopsticks, knitting sticks, etc but never a spoon!

Had a great time, everyone was pretty casual and happy for me to get a little creative, check out the highlights;

Hair: Laura (the Bride!)
Makeup: All Things Girlie
Dress: Annette of Melbourne
Shoes: Miu Miu
Bridesmaid Dresses: Maid of Honour
Suits: Formal Red
Flowers: Peony Blooms
Jewellery: Paul Bram
Cars: Glamour Ride
Church: Holy Trinity Serbian Orthodox Church
Band: Midnight Blue
Reception: The Manor on High

Video – Desiren Video

Thanks to Margaret from Glamour Ride for some of the fancy veil action!

Congratulations guys!


Desiren Team